Now iCloud has always been an available option on Windows for the sole purpose of storage but now the integration process begins. The new iCloud app on Windows 10 is available in the Microsoft store and includes a sync feature that is based on the same technology OneDrive’s On-Demand feature. What does this mean for you? Now you can access iCloud files on a Windows 10 PC without them having to be fully synced to a PC, so you end up saving a ton of disk space.

There will be a placeholder of the file to be downloaded and when the file is fully accessed or the folder is marked synced it will download the folders entire contents. There will be a full integrated access to documents stored on iCloud Drive like images for iCloud Photos, Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Reminders and your Safari bookmarks. iCloud will also be integrated into File Explorer within Windows 10.

Apple has been using Microsoft’s latest Windows APIs for cloud storage sync so future integration going forward is very encouraging to see the companies work so closely together. There is hope that you could access all of your Apple TV and Music services on Windows in the future. The new iCloud app for Windows is available right now in the Microsoft store.