The new Catalina operating system for Mac computers will start to phase out iTunes in favor of three new apps: Music, TV and Podcasts. Now there is no need to go into straight panic mode, you will still have access to your summer jams 2008 playlist and all your other legally downloaded music. The features will just be spread out across different apps with the new OS.

Apple says you will still have access to all your media but the new apps will just take it a step further and actually organize your files. You will not lose any music you purchased or imported into your iTunes library. They will now just be migrated into the new Apple Music App. This will include of your playlists as well. The music and TV shows that your purchased or even rented from iTunes will transition into the new Apple TV app. The Apple TV app is the new place to be if you want to buy or rent movies in the future. 

Similarly, the podcasts that you subscribed or added to iTunes will be in the new Podcasts app and the audiobooks will be in the updated Apple Books app. Pretty easy to locate right? Technically speaking, iTunes isn’t dead it’s just the iTunes app itself won’t exist on the new Mac operating system anymore. You will still be able to buy music from the iTunes store but it will be located over in the sidebar in the new Music app. All those saved up iTunes gift cards are also still good to use.

Once you download the new OS you will realize that you will be sent to a new location to backup, restore and sync any of your Apple devices on the new system. All those mentioned functions plus more will be in the Finder app which makes the overall process much more convenient.