James Dean has been dead for over 60 years but he just landed a sweet new movie role thanks to CGI.

Finding Jack is a new movie coming out that is set within the Vietnam-era that is based on the abandonment of more than 10,000 military dogs. Dean will play “Rogan” who is considered a secondary lead role and will mark the first movie since Giant back in 1956. Magic City Films is producing the movie and they obtained the rights to Dean’s image from his family. Deans body will be fully re-created using CGI technology and another actor will voice his lines. Nobody is for sure why this is happening since there are thousands of living actors who are more than capable of performing the role.

The goal is this is to perfectly recreate any actor and be able to save money while still earning just as much for a studio to own the rights to the highest paid and well known Hollywood actors. There are many doubts around this idea but bets are being made it will be happening in the next decade. This is either a brilliant marketing stunt that with draw attention or the future of cinema, its representative of a world that we may soon be living in.