The main goal of Samsung forming a close partnership with Microsoft is to eliminate the gap between mobile devices and the PC. This new chapter is being considered a long term commitment to improve productivity. You will be able to see this unfolding on Galaxy Note 10 when Samsung is bundling Microsoft’s Your Phone app directly onto the Android platform. Then you will have the ability to mirror your Android texts, notifications, even your entire screen to a Windows 10 PC. Samsung is also focusing on ONeDrive sync support which will allow you to sync your photos directly to the cloud storage service.

The head of Microsoft’s mobile experiences announced that later this year Your Phone users will be able to make and receive calls directly from your PC. Microsoft is also bundling some of its Android apps on Samsung’s latest Galaxy Note 10. Office apps like Excel, Word and PowerPoint will all come preinstalled. This partnership was first seen back four years ago when they rolled partnered on the Galaxy S6.

Microsoft will now start selling the new Galaxy Note 10 in its own retail stores where it come complete with the bundled apps. The best deal you will find in store is buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plus and receiving up to $150 in Samsung credit and six months of Spotify Premium. We love no ads. Microsoft is also launching and updated user experience for tablets for Outlook on Android and a new Outlook app for Samsung wearables in the future.