As long as Microsoft has been around, almost anyone can grab a mouse and navigate where they need to go. The plan is to make your tablet experience a little more like your desktop version for Windows 10 and redesign the whole experience. The current situation on your tablet likes to remove the task bar icons and puts the Start menu at full screen when a device automatically switches into tablet mode.

These design updates have been marked as beta which suggests that the new roll out will be formed and shaped based on feedback. The new tablet experience will show the desktop in full view and have the task bar icons visible with increased spacing between them. Once you enable the search box it will collapse into an icon and the touch keyboard will appear once you tap in the text field.

These new changes are set to trigger automatically when you remove the keyboard from the device just like on the Surface Pro. Tablet mode will remain the same as long as the keyboard is attached and enabled. Additionally, these changes are only being made for 2-in-1 devices, so dedicated Windows 10 tablets will continue to have the full tablet experience that exists in the operating system. Microsoft will be all ears and looking for your feedback and we are sure that Windows tablet fans will absolutely be ready to dive in on these changes.

In other good news, Microsoft is now testing a cloud download option to reset and restore Windows 10 PCs. This has been an option for Mac users for years and some Surface devices but this will allow Windows users to quickly reinstall the OS without needing it to be installed on the local disk or looking for a recovery USB drive.