Tesla does everything you can imagine but now they have added ‘Dog Mode’ which is a feature that will keep your dog cool while the owner steps away for a moment. One customer recently shockingly found out a way to inadvertently turn this feature off. A Tesla customer took to twitter to go over his experience with the new function.

He said that he had turned Dog Mode on, tweaked the fan settings, and then left his seven month old boxer pup inside the Tesla Model X while he ran into the store. While inside the store, he opened his Tesla App where he discovered that the cars interior temperature had jumped up to 85 degrees and Dog Mode had turned off. Once he returned to the car thankfully the dog was ok but he instantly tweeted the incident to Tesla and CEO Elon Musk who quickly responded with “Fixing”.

The new feature was introduced as an extension of Tesla’s “Cabin Overheat Protection” mode, which automatically cooled the cabin if the temperature got too high in order to keep “babies or pets” safe. Dog Mode is activated through the fan settings on Tesla’s touchscreen. After activating Dog Mode, the customer tried to manually adjust the fan setting to try and keep the car even cooler since his city was in the middle of a heat wave. He said he kept monitoring through the app and it stayed on a first.

There are new software updates added all the time but not all of the rollouts go smoothly, like when Tesla had to pull the classic Atari game from its cars because it hadn’t properly secured the rights. The company is typically more careful with features that can put lives in danger but there is no word on when the company will roll out the fix Musk referred to.