Microsoft has officially announced the new update for Windows 10 coming in May 2019. This release is a month later than rumored but with that the company has made the necessary changes so that consumers can decide if they want to install the updates to their devices once it is made available.

Microsoft received a ton of negative feedback from Windows users for the previous updates that automatically take and cause all sorts of disruption. Windows users will now have the full-on choice of choosing to initiate the install of any major update. The notification will still be provided to let the user know the updates are available, and that it is recommended, but users will no longer be forced to install.

Another change being rolled out is that Windows 10 Home and Pro users can pause featured and monthly updates for up to 35 days. That also ties in with enhancements to the intelligent active hours feather, which will now allow Windows updates to intelligently adjust install times so your work will not be disrupted. Microsoft is spending much more time to work out all the bugs with this update since the previous update came with so many issues.

The overall update is not major but brings some positive changes that will tweak the operating system to make it feel a bit fresher. Some of the biggest changes include a light there, changes to search options and Cortana, as well as the addition of Kamoji in the emoji picker.