The new fraud campaign DrainerBot may be costing you hundreds of dollars a year in data bills through infected Android apps and games. Oracle researchers have described this bug as a “major mobile ad fraud operation” which has been downloaded and spread through at least 10 million consumer operations. If you think you may be a victim this click the link above and read more.

The DrainerBot code has been found in malicious software development kits relating to Android mobile apps. Most of the apps are quite popular and include: Perfect365, Draw Clash of Clans, Solitaire 4 Seasons, Touch n Beat Cinema, and VertexClub.

There is an invisible code that overlays fraudulent video ads into the device when the apps are in use. Once the infected app is up and running it will report back to the ad networks that are connected to the scheme which results in fraudulent ad revenue kickbacks. Video ads offer more in revenue than simple banner ads.

You may not realize anything is wrong with your phone – at least, until you receive your data bill. The DrainerBot code is showing invisible video ads which are eating up all of your data and your bill can be heavily impacted. The infected apps can consume over 10GB per month which could cost you hundreds of dollars per year or more in charges. Another problem is these apps can quickly drain your battery even if the application is not in use.

Mobile devices are the prime target for these types of malicious software development kits as just about everyone has a cell phone. The discovery of the DrainerBot operation has proven that both individuals and organizations need to pay close attention to what applications and running on their devices and who wrote them.

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