Andrew Harris and Justin Hiemstra are now facing federal prison time for attempting to hack into the president’s tax returns according to CyberScoop. This all started as the students were on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) site trying to import Trump’s financial records. After going to court they have both pled guilty to two misdemeanor accounts for violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and could get up to two years behind bars.

Since 2016 Trump has refused to release his tax returns and they have been the main topic for many liberal activists and one of the heavy focus points by The New York Times. Harris was filling out a fake FAFSA application for the candidate and he then realized he might actually be able to access the president’s returns. The FAFSA application uses your tax information to help calculate student loans. You import your filings directly from the IRS as long as you have the social security number and other personal identifying information. Trump’s social had leaked earlier that year.

In November of 2016 the duo went into to computer lab on campus and tried to create the FAFSA account for a Trump family member. They realized an account had already existed so they just reset the password by answering security questions (a quick Google search). The time arrived to enter Trump’s social to import his taxes and, well, they were not successful. Both students apologized for the inconvenience caused and wishes no ill will towards the president. Harris was more of the mastermind and his sentencing date is scheduled for December 16th.