Uber has already taken over the delivery game but now they are planning to deliver your fast food by drone this summer. Now before you get all excited about never having to leave your couch again this roll out is starting to San Diego only for now but if all goes well then let the expansion begin.

As bad as you want your cheeseburger and large fry to fly right to your doorstep there are some specifics to this plan. Deliveries will be sent to designated safe landing zones where Uber couriers will unload the package by hand and then take it to the customers door step. These landing zones could include the roofs of parked Uber cars, which will easily be identified by the drones using QR codes.

The cost for a drone delivery will be roughly the same as regular fees. Uber has been in the works with your favorite restaurant, McDonalds, on a special delivery package that will keep your burger and fries hot and intact during flights. Uber is estimating that drones can make deliveries three times faster than bikes or cars. Talk about fast.

Uber decided to move forward sooner than later based on the success they’ve seen with Uber eats, which grew its revenues by nearly 150 percent last year. The drones can make a delivery over a 1.5 mile distance in just seven minutes, much quicker than the 21 minutes it would take a car or cyclist. With the continued success the company is just as confident about delivering passengers by air. Uber has already released new designs for their flying taxi. There will be test flights for the flying taxi in 2020 with the commercial launch in 2023.

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