TCL is known for making great value TVs, brand new phones and other things with screens but now they want to put your phone right now your face. This would be similar to the Google Glass but a lot less creepy. They want you to be able to put your phone down and put on your sunglasses so you can watch movies, play games and see the content on your phone.

Wearable display technology has been around for a few years but everyone seems to be taking a different approach. Google Glass has more of a heads up display that you can wear walking around the city but TCL’s design is meant for your personal entertainment only and it is completely powered by your phone. The biggest difference is that there are no cameras, no heavy battery, and no control pad built into the frame. Just one screen for each eyes entertainment and meant to be used sitting/lying down, not walking. 

The glasses control just like a virtual reality headset minus the nausea from rapid head movement because you can still use your phone as a controller. You have the panels right in front of your eyes and a small cursor is available that you can maneuver with the subtle turn of your head. You can also watch 3D videos and watch a dirt bike spray dirt in your face but only if your phone supports it. There are speakers built into the arms that help keep you more immersed. To return back to the main menu you would just look to the left and hold a moment. Thinking about a long flight you may have coming up, a personal theater to shut out the plane sounds pretty good.