The United States Postal Service has decided to start up a new service where the most anticipated customers might find useful whereas others – not so much. This new service is called Informed Delivery which allows you to preview the front side of your incoming mail. While on the app you can also track packages and even leave instructions for the delivery driver.

This software has surprisingly already been around and in use for employees of USPS but now they have decided to share these images making them available to customers. Once you sign up for the service and your address has been verified, you will receive an email with up to ten grayscale images of the front of your mail. If there are more than ten pieces then you can access them all using the online dashboard.

Now the question remains, how useful is this service? Not very. Unless you are expecting the most exciting package ever then the service will let you know the day it is arriving. The only other time is if you have a post box and would like to know when you actually have mail there.

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