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Technology has surrounded us and changed the basics to everyday life. For years, military science fiction has visualized creative tech for soldiers to use in the future. There are prototypes of suits with powered armor and advanced weapons, but one man is trying to incorporate his jet suit into the military. Recently the CEO of Gravity Industries, Richard Browning, flew his suit around the Royal Commando’s Commando Training Center in Lympstone, Devon. Check out the video above.

The jet suit is quite remarkable which includes 6 tiny jet engines that are mounted on the back and arms. Browning is a former Royal Marine and he started his company back in 2017. Most videos of the jet pack surfaced after Browning demonstrated his suit at the San Diego Comin Con. The suit looks straight out of a Marvel movie – he jetted up down the street, guided by a heads up display in the helmet that informs him of flight data and fuel usage.

According to the British Royal Navy, Browning stopped by the training center to show off some for the soldiers. Flying around the obstacle course has its advantages but this was no audition to begin equipping British soldiers with their own jet pack. Any use with this device is bound to have some complications but a considerable speed increase and freedom of movement.

The jet pack is not exactly ready for combat and the military would need to work out some of the kinks, like noise and flight time. This is an impressive step in the right direction for 2019 but for now this will remain in the military science fiction category.