“Hey, whats your wifi password?” How many times have you heard that before? Thanks to this little wooden NFC puck, your guests can access your Wi-Fi network without a password. Ten One Design is an apple accessory specialist who just announced the WiFi Porter, a sleek wooden NFC tag that lets your guests connect their phones and devices to your network without needing the SSID or password. The good news is that both iPhone and Android phones are supported. iPhones that were introduced before 2018 wont be able to connect automatically but they can go scan the QR code on the underside of the Porter to connect.

Your guest may not need a code or an app, but you will initially for the setup using the Porter app. The steps are as simple as tapping your phone against the puck for the first time and you will get the link to download the app. These NFC patches have been around for many years but did not have the ability to connect someone to a wireless network without requiring them to have a companion app pre-installed on their phone. Adding the Porter puck to your home in time for family get togethers is a slam dunk, but coffee shops and other public spaces are more likely to be the main consumer.

The WiFi Porter has no batteries so it should work for as long as phones are equipped with with NFC or QR scanners. Ten One Design is producing two different versions of the WiFi Porter, a standard model an a limited edition model which includes a leather finish. Both are available to preorder for $39.95 and $59.95 and are expected to ship soon after. Internet is just a tap or QR scan away.

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