This isn’t the first time but definitely not the last that Facebook has decided to pay people to monitor how they use their phone. This new app called Study will monitor which apps you’re are installing, the time spent using those apps, the country you’re in, and additional app data that could reveal specific features you’re using, among other things. Facebook did advise that they won’t be able to see any specific content like your messages, passwords or websites you visit. So, if you believe that and were worried about it, then there you go. Privacy.

The last research app was called Facebook Research and it was shut down several months ago due to two different controversies. TechCruch reported that the app was marketed to teens with iPhones and it relied on a special certificate that allowed the app to flow through the App Store while gaining deeper access to the phone. This was a huge violation to Apple’s rules so the app was shut down in January.

Facebook learned what not to do with their last research app so they are changing up the rules with the roll out of Study. You do have to be 18 to participate, it will only be available on Android where deeper phone access can be granted by each user as well as opening up with info filled screens explaining the type of data the app collects and how it will be used.

Facebook says you will be compensated but they don’t say how much but we do know that you will be getting paid through PayPal. Study will roll out in the US and India but not everyone will be able to sign up for it. The company will target you through an ad, so if you see one then you can click to sign up. Nobody knows how much you will be paid or who will be targeted but if you find yourself clicking on the bait, consider yourself lucky.